Military Service of Lamuel Hardison Williams

(May 18, 1839 - Mar 28, 1899)

Unit: Company B, 14th Reg't North Carolina Infantry (Volunteers)

--This regiment was organized with nine companies in July 1861. Company D was added in May 1862, when the regiment was re-organized for the war.

-- The designation of the regiment was changed to from the 14th Regiment North Carolina Infantry (Volunteers) to the 24th Regiment North Carolina Infantry (State Troops) by S.O. No. 222, A & I. G. O., dated November 14, 1861.

Pvt. Lemuel H. Williams, appears on a Roll of Honor for Co. B., 24th Regiment North Carolina Troops. "County: Onslow. Date of entrance into service: May 6, 1861. Age: 23; Vol. or conscript: Vol."

-- Compiled in the Office of the Adjutant General of the State of North Carolina in accordance with resolutions ratified by the General Assembly of that State on Dec. 20, 1862. This information was taken from the original record borrowed from the Adjutant General of North Carolina by the National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Personal Information:

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Dark

Complexion: Dark

Height: 6' 3"

State: NC

County: Onslow

Occupation: Farmer

Source: Descriptive List and Account of Pay and Clothing of Private Lemuel H. Williams, signed by J.F. Giles, Lt. Commander, Co. B., 24th NC Troops, at Petersburg, Va. on Nov. 19, 1864.

Enlisted: As a Private at Jacksonville, N.C., by G.T. Duffy for one year.

Service History

(* indicates information from Company Muster Rolls)

*May 6 to Nov. 1, 1861 - Co. B., 14 th Reg't NC Infantry (Volunteers) - Present.

Dec 14, 1861 - Pvt. L.H. Williams appears on a Register of Chimborazo Hospital No. 3, Richmond, Va. Disease: "Debility". Returned to duty: Dec. 17, 1861.

Source: Confed. Arch., Chap. 6, File No. 64, page 18.

*Nov. to Dec., 1861 - Co. B., 24 th Reg't NC Infantry (State Troops) - Not stated.

*Jan. and Feb., 1862 - Absent, Home on sick furlough.

*Mar. and April, 1862 - Absent, At home on furlough.

Aug. 19, 1862 - Pvt. L.H. Williams appears on a Register of Episcopal Church Hospital, Williamsburg, VA. Complaint: Rheumatism. Admitted: Aug. 19, 1862. Duty: Aug. 26, 1862.

Source: Confed. Arch., Chap. 6, File No. 263, page 32.

*Apr. 30 to Aug. 31, 1862 - Absent, sick.

*Sept. and Oct., 1862 - Absent, sick.

Oct. 10, 1862 - Pvt. L.H. Williams appears on a Register of Medical Director's Office, Richmond, VA. Hospital: Winder Div. 5. Furloughed: 25 days, Oct 10, 1862.

Source: Confed. Arch., Chap. 6, File No. 156, page 660.

Oct 11, 1862 - Pvt. L.H. Williams appears on a Morning Report for 5th Division, General Hospital Camp Winder at Richmond, VA. Furloughed: On Oct 11, 1862 for 25 days.

Oct. 11, 1862 - Pvt. L.H. Williams appears on a Roll of men, from various organizations, who were paid at Richmond, Va., by Major J.B. Cary, B.Q.M. Roll dated: Richmond, Va., Oct 11, 1862. Pay due: From Oct 31, 1862 to Aug 31, 1862.

*Nov. and Dec., 1862 - Absent, sick.

*Jan. and Feb., 1863 - Present.

*Mar. and Apr., 1863 - Present.

*May and June, 1863 - Present.

*July and Aug., 1863 - Absent, sick.

*Sept. and Oct., 1863 - Present.

*Nov. and Dec., 1863 - Present.

Jan., 1864 - Roll not included.

*Feb. 29 to June 30, 1864 (Roll dated Oct. 15, 1864) - Present.

June 15, 1864 - Pvt. L.H. Williams appears on a Receipt Roll for Clothing for 2 nd Qtr., 1864.

*June 30 to Dec. 31, 1864 - Present.

Dec. 10, 1864 - Pvt. LH. Williams appears on a Register of Payments at Magnolia, N.C. For: Service from 1 July to 31 Oct., 1864 at $18.00 per month. Total: $72.00.

Source: Confed. Arch., Chap. 5, File No. 53, page 615.

Dec. 18, 1864 - Promoted to 1st Corporal. (Information included in Remarks of Jan-Feb, 1865 Muster Roll).

Jan. and Feb., 1865 - Present.

Mar. 25, 1865 - Corpl. L.H. Williams appears on a Register of General Hospital, Petersburg, Va. Complaint: Wounds to the face (?). Admitted: Mar. 25, 1865. Transferred: Mar. 26, 1865. Remarks: R. Hospl. Dunlops.

Source: Confed. Arch., Chap.6, File No. 265, page 388.

Mar. 26, 1865 - Corp. L.H. Williams appears on a Register of Receiving and Wayside Hospital, or General Hospital No. 9, Richmond, Va. Disposition: Winder. Date: Mar 27, 1865.

Source: Confed. Arch., Chap. 6, File No. 109, page 742.

Not Dated - L.H. Williams, Co. B., 24 th Regt. NC, appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War captured in Hospitals, Richmond, Va., April 3, 1865; at Jackson Hospital, May 28, 1865. Where captured: Richmond, Va. When captured: Apr. 3, 1865.

Source: Roll 11, Roll of Prisoners of War, Sheet 32, Richmond, Va.

Notes: Axelrod, Alan, The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Civil War. Alpha Books, 1998.

"Apr 1-2, 1865, Phillip Sheridan defeats Maj. Gen. George Pickett at Five Forks, Virginia, enabling Grant to break through the Confederate lines after a nine-month siege."

"Apr 2-4, 1865, The Confederate government flees Richmond, the Union army marches into the city...."

The above notes give us an idea about what was going on when Lamuel was captured in Richmond.


The above was extracted from information I received from the National Archives Trust Fund, Washington, D.C. on Feb. 24, 1999. The following information is a result of over 3 years of research:

Lamuel Hardison Williams, son of A.B. and Polly Williams, is my 2nd Great grandfather. He was born in Onslow County and married Rebecca A.E. Screws (daughter of William Screws and Lydia Blake) on Dec 13, 1876 in Onslow County, NC. It's assumed he died in Stump Sound Township, Onslow County, N.C., as that's where he's buried.

Rebecca was born Nov. 21, 1856 in Onslow County and died Feb. 19, 1929, age 72, in Stump Sound Township, Onslow County, NC. Stump Sound Township is the present day Verona/Haw's Run area of Onslow County, located just south of Jacksonville, NC.

Although I've yet to locate a death certificate for Lamuel (and probably won't as Onslow didn't require them until 1914), Rebecca's death certificate is on file in the Onslow County Register of Deeds office, and provided the information that finally led me to their graves, after two years of research.

Lamuel and Rebecca Williams are buried in Sheppard's Graveyard (one of several in that area) with three of their children. Sheppard's Graveyard is located on Haw's Run Rd. in Onslow County. It's barely visible from the road as a double-wide trailer and a two-story house obscure it from view. Their children were:

1) Lamuel Williams - buried in Wilmington?

2) Polly Williams m. Jerry SILANCE.

3) Rebecca Williams m. Jack SILANCE.

4) Liddie Ann Williams, (b. May 13, 1874, d. Feb. 27, 1942) m. Feb. 24, 1892, Henry Dunn DAVIS, Son of Hosea MARSHBURN and Mary Ann DAVIS.

5) Caroline Williams, (b. Jul. 27, 1881, d. Oct. 24, 1928) m. Oliver BROWN. They're both buried in Sheppard's Graveyard. Three of their children (died young) are buried with them.

6) Narcissus Miranda Williams, (b. Oct. 9, 1886, d. Mar. 19, 1926) m. Cagie Edgar MARSHBURN (b. Jan 27, 1878, d. Oct. 8, 1928), Son of Hosea MARSHBURN and Mary Ann DAVIS. These are my great grandparents. They are both buried in the Marshburn Family Cemetery, on the Nine Mile, near Catherine's Lake, Onslow County, NC.

  1. E.A. Williams, (b.Jul. 16, 1889, d. Mar. 19, 1926) m. Mar. 8, 1914, Idera SILANCE.
  2. William George Williams, (b. Dec. 30, 1890, d. Oct. 3, 1910). Buried in Sheppard's Graveyard beside his mother.
  3. Edward G. Williams, (b. Jan 22, 1893, d. Apr. 17, 1969), m. Kate SILANCE, May ROGERS.
  4. Ezekiel Williams, (b. abt. 1869, d. Dec. 28, 1948), World War II veteran. Buried in Sheppard's Graveyard.