Family of Arthur Royall/Susannah Cox Royall

Here is information on the family of Arthur Royall. He was likely born in
Bertie Co. and married Susanah Cox about 1752 in Onslow County. He was the
oldest son Charles and Ann Royall and grandson of Thomas Royall the
imigrant. Arthur and Susannah Royal moved to GA. about 1764.
There are a lot of their children down there and around the USA.....Jerome

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One possible solution is with the family of Thomas Royal c1640-1709 who
come to this country in 1666. IGI gives no listing for this man in
He died and left his will in ISLE OF W./Surry County Va. in 1709. His wife
was named Isabel.

1. Charles, c1690-1755 married Ann _____ who we know died in Onslow Co. NC
in 1755.
In other words he was about the age of Cornelius ROYALL.. Charles and Ann
Royal listed in Bertie County in 1726 and 1729.
2. Thomas Royal Jr.
3. George Royal
4. John Royal c1668-c1730 married _____ HARDY-----Likely sons: Cornelius
Royal c1680-1745 and Owen Royal Sr.
5. Isabel Brown Royal son Lawrence Brown.

Charles Royall c1690-1755 died in Onslow Co. NC. Charles owned a gristmill
across Turkey Creek when he died.

1. ARTHUR ROYALL 1730-1799 is listed in a 1756 deed as the eldest son of
Charles Royall. Arthur married Susannah Cox, the daughter of Charles and
Rebecca Cox of Onslow. Charles Cox died in 1771. Arthur and family moved to
Georgia about 1764. Arthur Royall is listed in the Onslow Will of Charles
Cox as his son-in-law.

2. SAMUEL ROYALL moved to Georgia in 1759 and is likely the 3rd oldest.
Samuel Royal is listed in his father's will in 1755. Married (1) Esther
Williams (2) Verlinda Godbee

3. JOHN ROYALL is listed in deeds as early as 1750. 1782 land grant. Likely
2nd oldest.
Had a daughter named Mary single in 1798.
4, THOMAS ROYALL is listed the 1755 will of Charles Royall. He is listed
in a 1762 Onslow deed.

6. CHARLES ROYALL, listed in 1760 Onslow deed. Listed as deceased in 1788.
Had daughter named Rebecca, spinster in 1788.

Most of this Onslow Family moved to Burke Co. Georgia around 1760. Only two
sons are listed In the 1755 will of Charles Royall. They are Thomas and
Samuel Royall.
A Samuel Royall died in 1772 and left a will. Son Isaac and four daughters
are Listed.
Isaac married Mary Keen.

There was a John Royal son of Charles Royal in the county in 1769. I
believe that
this John was also the son of Charles who had died in 1755. There was
also an Arthur Royall 1730-1799 who sold land in 1763 that had belonged to
Charles Royall. This same Charles patented land in Duplin-Sampson and New
Hanover co. NC in 1750. This Charles likely was The brother of Thomas
(above) who had first settled in Pasquotank Co. Area in 1720. Thomas or a
son Thomas may have lived in Sampson prior to 1800.

1717 John Royal: 136 acres, must be the son of Thomas Ryall Sr. and father
of Cornelius Royall. He may have married ________ HARDY.
1719 Cornelius Royall, 300 acres, married Elizabeth Barnsfeld about 1715.
Elizabeth Barnsfeld was the daughter of Anne and William
Barnsfeld who died about 1715.
1720 Thomas Royall, Located in Pasquotank precinct. This must be Thomas
Royall Jr.

Note: Barnsfeld is a German name-----Barfield/Barefield is English
1724 John Royall had an Indian Slave named March and filed a complaint in
Edenton. He complained that March was taken by someone in Tuscarora Town.
This most likely is the son of Thomas Royall the immigrant.
1726 Charles and Ann Royall in Bertie County NC. He later moved to Onslow
County NC.
1728 Charles Royals wit. Deed in Bertie County.
1729 Charles and Ann Royal sold 640 acres in Bertie to John Christopher
1731 Timothy Ryalls listed in Bertie County.
1733 Timothy Ryalls listed in Bertie County.
1738 Timothy Ryalls listed in Bertie County.
1738 Jane Royall had a bastard child in Bertie County.
1739 Owen Royal in Bertie County. This likely is the son of John Royal and
brother to Cornelius Royal.
1742 Owen Royal had joint Jury duty in Bertie and Edgecombe County.
These findings rule out Owen Royal of Sampson County as a brother to
William and John Royal. Owen was likely the son of Owen Royal that was in
Bertie County in 1739. Based on family names, Owen Royal Sr. was likely a
brother to Cornelius Royal Sr. and their mother was a Hardy.
1741 Charles Ryal filed for rights and he claimed rights for eight (8)
whites in Onslow.
1742 Ann Riall wit. Deed in Bertie County.
1742 John Royal, 300 acre patent in Edgecombe: This is the son of Cornelius
brother of William Royal.
1749 Ref. To Charles Royal's place in Bertie County.
1750 James and Elizabeth his wife sold 100A of her land in Craven Co. NC.
Bk 4-27.
1750 Charles Royal filed for rights in Onslow, this time five (5) whites.
1750 Wm Williams to John Royall, 100 pds for 150 acres, wit. Arthur Royall:
Where John lives
1750 William Williams to Arthur Royall, 100 pd for 100 acres, Wit. John
1750 Charles Royal, 420 acres in Duplin: This is the son of Thomas Royal
1750 Charles Ryall , patented 480 acres in New Hanover County.
1752 Charles Royal, Ref. in Johnston County.
1753 Arthur Royal, Ref. in Onslow County. This is the son of Charles Royal
who died in 1755.
1754 John Royall to Arthur Royall: 40 pds for 150 acres: Wit. By Susanah
1754 Arthur and Samuel Royal in the Onslow Militia.
1755 Charles Royal dies in Onslow County and leaves a will. Sons Thomas and
Sanuel Royal in Will.
1759 Samuel Royal and family move to Georgia.
1759 Joseph Ryall in Carteret, filed complaint on gambling place open on
Sunday in Portsmouth.
1764 Arthur Royal and family move to Georgia.
1767 Owen Royal, 150 acres in Duplin. This man is not the brother of John
or William Royal.

1771 Charles Cox dies in Onslow and leaves Will: Names Arthur Royall as

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